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Unlikely Friendships Between Dogs and Other Animals


Dogs have always been a man’s best friend, but what about when a dog befriends another species of the animal kingdom? Well, it can happen and more times than you’d think! We’ve collected some very odd and unusual pairings between dogs and other animals – from the dog who takes a swim with his friend the dolphin, to real life fox and the hound.


Bubbles and Bella – Elephant and Dog

These two companions hit the headlines back in 2013 when they were filmed frolicking at the beach and the newspapers picked up the story. Bubbles, a 9000 pound elephant, and Bella, a labrador retriever have been best friends for a while. They live together at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina and become fierce friends in 2007 when Bubbles (who was adopted by the safari).

A Little of Their History: The story goes that Bubbles was adopted at the park in 1983 after both her parents were found dead, having been killed for their ivory by African poachers. In 2007, the park hired a contractor to build a pool for Bubbles and when he left, he abandoned beautiful Bella the Labrador and the safari park adopted her too. Then of their own accord, for a shared love of water an amazing friendship was formed between them

Bubbles & Bella

Bubbles & Bella

Photo credit:

This has to be one of the most heartwarming animal friendships ever committed to film!  A brilliant watch


Sniffer and Tinni – The Fox and The Hound

Meet sniffer the fox and best friend Tinni the dog, who’s owner Torgeir Berge photographs the unlikely pair as they play in the woods near his home. These two playmates live in Norway, and can often be found playing, chasing and hunting together. Torgeir, Tinni’s owner has since turned their adventures into a book and regularly updates his Facebook page with more pictures of the two playing.

Fox & Hound

Fox & Hound Photo credit: Torgeir Berge

Photo credit: Torgeir Berge


Sahara and Alexa – Cheetah and Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Cincinnati Zoo is home to another unlikely pairing of dog with a beast of the animal kingdom. This time a cheetah! The cub and pup grew up together in the zoo as part of the Cat Ambassador Scheme that dedicates farmers that if a cheetah has respect for a dog, they shouldn’t be shot if they’re on their land. After a few early spats and some nerves, the pair quickly became best buddies – proof that cats and dogs can get on!

Alexa an Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and Sahara a Cheetah DailyMail

Alexa an Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and Sahara a Cheetah
The Daily Mail

Photo credit: The Daily Mail


Duggie and Ben – Dolphin and Dog

Our final pairing are even more unlikely than the last – as we cross land to sea and meet Duggie the dolphin and his chum Ben, the labrador. These two were captured on film frolicking at Tory Island Harbour, Ireland off the Irish coast, by BBC Countryfile’s film crew – they’ve since become famous. The two can still be seen playing to this day, so we don’t think fame has gone to their heads!

Dog & Dolphin

Dog & Dolphin

Photo Credit: labioguia


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Jen Smith
Jen Smith Social Media