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Crazy Things Dogs Do For Love

  We love our dogs unconditionally, but sometimes they just want to be shown exactly how much we love them. Here’s some of the craziest things our canine companions will do for love:   Pretends to be human   via GIPHY   Licks your face   via GIPHY   Do yoga with you   via GIPHY   4. Give you the puppy eyes via GIPHY   5. Get jealous via GIPHY   6. Brings you their toys via GIPHY   7. Follows you around via GIPHY   8. Sings to you via GI...

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Dog Lover? These People Swapped Their Jobs To Get Paid To Be With Pooches, And So Can You!

    Do you ever dream of quitting your job and spending your days in the company of dogs? If so, you’re not alone! It’s the dream of many a dog lover to spend more time with their canine companions – but often it remains just that, a dream.   So how can you turn it from romantic dream to beautiful reality? Well, today we meet the people who swapped their jobs to get paid to be with pooches, to find out how.   Adrienne Banks – Swapped Council Job for Dog Listening ...

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10 Amazing Ways To Remember Your Deceased Dog

  No matter how long your dog is a part of your family, when they pass away it’s utterly heartbreaking. You’ve not just lost your canine companion, but a member or your family who adored and loved you unconditionally, and you them.   There isn’t an antidote to the grief and healing process, but something that many owners have found helpful is finding a way to honour and remember their pet, in a way that represents that special bond.   To help you find the right idea for you, here are 1...

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15 Dogs Who Unapologetically Delight In Embarrassing Their Owners

  As much you love your dog, and you train them well, they can still find ways to embarrass you in public. Whether its eating other dogs poop to stealing things from strangers, we’ve found 17 dogs who unapologetically delight in embarrassing their owners:   1. The dog who thinks it’s the fashion-police   2. The thieving dog who doesn’t discriminate “My dog picked up a beggar’s hat off the ground, right in front of him, with all the coins in and walked off with it like it was...

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