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Dog Lover? These People Swapped Their Jobs To Get Paid To Be With Pooches, And So Can You!



Do you ever dream of quitting your job and spending your days in the company of dogs? If so, you’re not alone! It’s the dream of many a dog lover to spend more time with their canine companions – but often it remains just that, a dream.


So how can you turn it from romantic dream to beautiful reality? Well, today we meet the people who swapped their jobs to get paid to be with pooches, to find out how.


Adrienne Banks – Swapped Council Job for Dog Listening

Adrienne had been a policy offer at her local council for a number of years when she decided to take voluntary redundancy and follow a dream of becoming a dog listener. Through volunteering with a local kennel and cattery, she was introduced to a behaviour technique developed by Jan Fennell, the International Dog Listener. She studied on Jan’s courses for her and her dog Billy’s benefit, and enjoyed them so much she decided she wanted to set up a business helping other dog’s and their owners!

Adrienne Banks

Adrienne has been in business since 2011 working with owners who want to understand their pets and ensure they’re happy and relaxed!


Tricia Wellings – Swapped art for Pet Portraiture

Tricia, a Sussex based artist decided to move into pet portraiture 4 years ago when she was asked to create a portrait of a dog in charcoal. The commissions rolled in from there. Having worked as an artist for many years, it was the inspiration and subject matter that truly reflected her personality, and meant she could work with animals (and especially dogs!) day in, day out.

Tricia Wellings and Lola

And of course, as an animal lover, Tricia has her own dog, Lola, who she rescued from certain death in Romania. Tricia says “Lola is the most loyal studio companion I could ever wish for.  She happily greets dogs who visit for photo shoots, and is a shining example of the innate “goodness” of dogs, and their devotion to us.”


Heather Redmon – Swapped Music PR for Dog Walking

Inspired by a walk with her Springer Spaniel Murphy one Christmas, Heather decided to take a big leap of faith. She quit her successful career in the music industry working with some of pops biggest names to start her dog walking business. Now, she gets to hang out with Murphy and other dogs in London parks, walking, feeding and training. Heather said in an interview with her local paper: “I started to meet other dog owners and professional dog walkers and sitters in Richmond Park and neighbouring areas, and I started to realise I absolutely loved those times. I looked into it and saw there was an opportunity to try a new business.”


So, have you been inspired to find a way to make your love of dogs pay? Will you be swapping your career for canines? Let us know in the comments.

And, if you can’t quit your job for working with dogs, why not encourage your boss to let you bring your dog to work with you and take a leaf out of this Boston based business’s book.



Ex-Lancashire Council worker takes ‘dog listener’ job – BBC Story 

Tricia Wellings – is a friend, she’s given me permission to share her story:  Daily Record News 


Contributor – Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith Social Media