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This Photographer Takes Photos of Dogs Mid Drool-Shake and It’s Brilliant


Meet Carli Davidson, an American photographer who’s captured the hearts of dog owners around the world by capturing a freeze-frame over 120 dogs mid-shake. Inspired by her own dog Norbert, a mastiff who’s drool frequently has to clean of the walls post-shake, Carli decided to capture the moment in slow motion



The result? A brilliant collection of images of ears flapping, jowls swooshing and eyes popping as these canines rid themselves of water or just enjoy a good shake. It’s a moment dog-owners will have witnessed countless times, but never like this.


shake-2- carli-davidson








Carli’s ‘Shake Dogs’have featured in 2 books: ‘Shake’the original collection which shot Davidson and her dogs to fame and ‘Shake Puppies’- a sequel which features puppies having a good old shake and flap about. She also partnered with Variable to create this hilarious slow-mo shake video:



SHAKE from Variable on Vimeo.


And off the back of the success of this video, she created a puppy version to accompany the second book ‘Shake Puppies’:



SHAKE PUPPIES by Carli Davidson from Carli Davidson on Vimeo.



Carli is quoted as saying she “surrounds herself with puppies everyday in the hope that she will absorb their youth and achieve eternal life”. Well, we’re pretty sure she’s going to succeed – as its hard not to pick up on the infectious joy for life and laugh when you look at these photos!


Have you managed to capture your dog mid-shake? We’d love to see your pics!


Image Credits: All images: ©Carli Davidson Photography


Contributor – Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith
Jen Smith Social Media