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Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel -

© Seth Casteel –

New York Times best-selling author Seth Casteel is back with a second photography book full of our doggy paddling pals, but this time the stars are miniature.

Underwater Puppies, a successor to his 2012 book Underwater Dogs, is the product of swimming lessons Casteel says he gave to more than 1,500 pups. Although dogs are instinctive swimmers, he writes on his website that since swimming pools are not natural bodies of water, it’s important that the dogs are taught taught how to get safely out of pools.

Many of the little ones had never swum before, and the pictures showing their excitement are making a serious splash.

But why all the fuss about man’s (tiny) best friend getting in some swim time? Casteel thinks he has the answer.

“Puppies lift our spirits. They don’t care who you are, what you’ve been doing, where you’re going, they just want to love you and they just want to be your friend. And I think that’s always going to make us feel good,” Casteel told NPR.

Casteel began his pet photography career by taking pictures of homeless animals to help them find forever homes. Families began falling in the love with the animals with the help of his photos. Casteel was hooked. Years later, he’s still passionate about pet adoption.

“The goal [of the book] was to feature some Amazing Rescue Puppy Ambassadors to remind people that adoption is a wonderful option!” Casteel writes on his website. “There are so many AWESOME pets that need loving families and I hope you’ll consider bringing a shelter pet into your life.”

Check out the puppies and their adorable underwater antics below.

Underwater Puppies - Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel –

Underwater Puppies - Seth Casteel

© Seth Casteel –

Casteel working with a dog underwater.

© Seth Casteel –