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Dog Hacks: 20 Owners Share 1 Tip To Make Your Life Easier


When we came across this brilliant feed on Reddit of dog owners sharing simple hacks to make their lives easier, we knew wed met kindred spirits and we just HAD to share their gems with you. So here are 20 Dog Hacks to make yours (and your dogs!) life easier:


1. Thrifty Fun

If your dog destroys pillows and stuffed dog beds, instead of buying new one go to the thrift store and buy an old comforter. The dog can wrestle and nudge and burrow into it, and all you have to do is refold it when you want to tidy up.

submitted by k9centipede

2. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

I fully open two poobags and stuff them in my pocket before leaving on the walk so I don’t fumble later when I need to pick up the poop quickly.

submitted by je-taime

Poop A Trooper - taken by Justin Henry via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Poop A Trooper – taken by Justin Henry via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

3. Hide and Seek

Play “hide and seek” with your dog. Put a long lead on it, and when it’s not paying attention to you, go hide behind a nearby tree. Teach it that you are unpredictable, and it will be much more likely to pay attention to where you are!

submitted by mysled

4. The Simplest Dog Walk Hack

Put a carabiner clip on the handle of your leash, to easily attach your dog to a pole, yourself etc if you need to.

submitted by bindsaybindsay

5. A Sour Surprise

Dog destroys tennis balls? Play fetch with a lemon. Suddenly they become very gentle with their toys.

submitted by KT421

6. The Secret To Dog Owner Happiness

A tired dog makes a happy owner. Exercise your dog thoroughly, daily.

submitted by chzplz

7. Whistle While You Work

If you can whistle, always whistle three times before giving your dog each meal or a treat they love. It doesn’t take long at all for them to associate the whistling with food. We use this as our emergency recall. Our dogs might ignore “come” if distracted by something more interesting but will come every time to our whistling.

submitted by tookynh

8. A Secondary Use for Your Vacuum

Maybe this only works with my dogs. A vacuum cleaner placed in a doorway makes a good temporary dog gate.

submitted by radiumdial

Colt Vs Dyson - taken by Emery Way via Flickr/Creative Commons Search

Colt Vs Dyson – taken by Emery Way via Flickr/Creative Commons Search

9. The Many Uses of Exercise Pens

Exercise pens (the movable wire type) are glorious and underused. They keep dogs from scratching up the windows when they see a cat outside, or block off unsafe parts of rooms. Also great for puppies who you don’t necessarily want to crate, but want to keep away from certain areas or other dogs in your house. When camping we put one around the tent, so we don’t have to worry about the dog running out.

submitted by salukis

10. Train Randomly For The Future

If you think you may ever need to do something with your dog start doing it from the beginning. Want to ever pick up your dog? Pick them up sometimes for the hell of it. I want to emphasize this one for big dog owners. After helping carry a big dog in a stretcher that wanted off asap I talked to some other big dog owners that said they actually find ways to pick up their dogs sometimes so if it came to that their dogs wouldn’t be totally freaked out.and make these positive experiences. The goal is for your dogs to learn to be ok with these things. Give treats or lots of love.

submitted by stopbuffering


11. Patient Pups

When your dog is a puppy wipe his/her feet every time they come in the door. Every time. Even if it’s summer. I did this and my dog walker says that my pup is the most patient to have his feet wiped when it’s muddy out and he also just stands perfectly still while we apply protector stuff to his feet in the winter!

submitted by bingalings1


12. High Five!

Teach your dog to high-five you. It’s awesome to have a best bud with endless high-fives.

submitted by cosmonaut_kramer


13. Ice Ice Baby

Ice cubes as treats! I don’t know if this is something everyone knows, but anyway. I read about it somewhere, and decided to give it a try. Turns out my dog loves it! It’s quite healthy for them too, especially in the summer. But like most things, it’s all about moderation

submitted by elawe


14. Get Stuffed

Does your dog love to gut stuffed toys? I have a couple of his larger de-stuffed toys, I will load a treat into the appendages and then “stuff” the toy again with random cloth (ok, I use dirty socks, he loves them and doesn’t tear them up). He then gets the joy of unstuffing the toy and burrowing into it’s guts to get the treats. Voila, interactive food toy that he adores.

submitted by cygnuswomyn


15. Scrappy Dappy Doo

If you’re going to feed your dog table scraps, don’t do it at the table. Put the scraps in their bowl at the end of the meal, or better yet, save them for the dog’s normal meal time.

This is my compromise with a partner who loves giving scraps to our dog. He begs less this way and we can keep better track of how much he’s getting.

submitted by unknown


16. Safety Commands

For me the most important things I ever taught my dog are “leave it” and “drop it. It is one of the best was to keep him safe. Cause you never know what they will pick up on walks or even if you drop something in the kitchen you know it’s all good.

submitted by Draganess


17. Reduce Car Anxiety

Train your dog to stay in the car until you tell them they can jump out. It prevents that moment of panic between opening the door and getting the leash on the dog. Especially if you’re parked near a busy road.

submitted by Kaedylee

Dog in Car - taken by Yoichiro Haga via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Dog in Car – taken by Yoichiro Haga via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:


18. Jingle Bells

Quiet puppy wants out and won’t bark or just whines quietly or scratches, so you don’t hear them when they want out? Train them to ring a bell. We hung a jingle bell at puppy-height from the doorknob and jingled it every time we took Usagi (Maltese-Yorkie) out. She started ringing it herself within a week, and no scratching the door (She can also be quite insistent with her jingling, too, which is hilarious.)

submitted by victoryfanfare

19. The Need For Speed

If you want to teach your dog to walk with you, and not stop and sniff every little thing on the walk, then SPEED UP. This also works if you are trying to train your dog for obedience competitions.

If you walk fast, and do not stop for the dogs sniffing, he will learn to stay with you and keep going. Make sure you have designated ‘pee spots’ where the dog can stop and sniff around. Once the dog gets used to the route, he will happily stay up with you until he gets to the pee spot.

submitted by indipit


20. The Kitchen Is Just For The Cook

I have a rule: No pets in the kitchen. I started doing it when we lived in a townhouse with a teeeeny kitchen and it wasn’t safe to cook with a dog underfoot. It turned out to be a huge stress relief, so even now that we have a big kitchen I’ve done the same with two other dogs and a cat. NO worries about counter surfing, animals eating onions or something dangerous off the floor, no messing with the garbage, no picking pet hair out of the soup, no begging for people food.

The other bonus is that whenever kids come over who are afraid of dogs, they have a place to go where dogs aren’t allowed.

submitted by miparasito


Alice and Lemons - taken by BazzaDaRambler via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Alice and Lemons – taken by BazzaDaRambler via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Over to you – tell us in the comments what one tip would you give to other dog owners that makes yours, and your dogs life easier, more fun and simple?

Image Credits:

Poop A Trooper – taken by Justin Henry via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Alice and Lemons – taken by BazzaDaRambler via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Colt Vs Dyson – taken by Emery Way via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Dog in Car – taken by Yoichiro Haga via Flickr/Creative Commons Search:

Contributor – Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith
Jen Smith Social Media


  1. Put a bath matt on your car seat for a wet dog, it stays in place and keeps the seat clean and easy to wash. Also wedge a pool noodle under your couch to stop toys from getting trapped underneath

  2. Brush your dog daily or at least 3 times a week. Begin when she is a pup, and be regular so it’s part of the routine.
    Brushing discourages fleas and reduces the amount of hair shed all over. It also allows for checking coat and skin.
    All dogs shed, even short haired ones so all need brushing.

  3. If your doggy eats too fast, feed them in a bundt pan. It slows them down. Just don’t let your guests watch – especially if you are serving bundt cake!

  4. Our park has a doggie station with bags and disposal. I take my dog to do her business there. That way i don’t have to carry a stinky bag around. Also I allow her the length of the leash and don’t follow her around. If she really has to go she will.
    It isn’t hard for your dog to learn a command to go. Just don’t use one that comes up in conversation (akward). I use go go

  5. xmas card 1

    Easiest poo cleanup…. I carry disposable plastic gloves when walking my 3…..put on a glove to pick up poo. Turn inside out and dispose of in 1 bag. When you have 3 dogs, everybody poos on their own schedule so this makes it easy with very little “down” time!!!!!

  6. Put your dog in a crate to travel in the car. Ours has an all cotton bed with sides, to fit, with another cushion under it.

    This will keep your dog safe in case of an accident. It also means he doesn’t leap straight out of the car. He is trained to wait before we let him out.

    It also means our car insurance is valid. Some car insurers will not pay out if a dog is not safely restrained in the car.

  7. I don’t bother carrying a water bowl. I simply fill a clean poo bag with water and hold it if my collie needs a drink.

  8. If your dog begs for scraps, reward him only when he gets bored of begging & gives up. I did this by accident & now my dog puts a lot of effort into ignoring me when I eat!

  9. I could never refer to an animal as “it”. He, she, they, them etc… Because they are living souls.

  10. When I am walking my dog and the road is hot, I let them walk on the edge of grass in the parking strip area, or along the very edge of people’s yards but I DON’T let my dogs pee or poop there. We just walk along the edge. But there are few houses that don’t like that so I taught my my dog “Off the property” so they know to move onto the hot road or gutter and we RUN to the next grass. When the road and sidewalk are not hot, then ‘off the property’ keeps them off the grass and also not stopping to smell every little thing.

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