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Signs You’re One of Those Owners


Are you one of those dog parents that just love your dog soooo much it hurts? Do friends and family tell you you’re obsessed with your pooch? If so, it’s likely you’re on of those dog owners. Want to be sure? Check out the 10 signs below:


  1. You rush to get home to see your dog


…because no one greets you like they do.


2. Youre a sucker for the head tilt and puppy eyes





3. You talk to your pooch with the voice(bonus points if theyve a cringe-worthy nickname)

…you know the one. High pitched coocheycoos for your mr snugglebum.


4. Youre addicted to buying dog accessories, toys & supplies



…. because, adorable.


5. You share more photos of your dog on social media than anything else


…say cheese!


6. Restaurant doggy bags are actually for your dog


…especially when you’ve ordered steak.


7. You sing to your dog, or add there name into song lyrics

…and you don’t care who knows it.


8. You treat your dog better than you treat yourself


…and you don’t care who knows it.


9. You plan all your free time around your dog

…. because there’s no one better to hang out with.


10. Your dog gets a more expensive hair cut than you do


…. ‘because they’re worth it’.


11. You cradle your dog like a baby



…because they are your baby.


If you’re nodding along to any of these signs, then it’s pretty obvious you’re a total dog parent and people refer to you as one of those owners.


Contributor – Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith Social Media



But, who cares! Only you know the magical bond between you and your dog. And what do they say? Love me, love my dog.