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5 Poems About Dogs That Will Make Your Heart Melt




Sometimes its hard to put into words how we feel about our pets, and we have to rely on the words of other’s to capture their spirit, fun and zest for life. And these 5 poets have managed to do just that – capturing our hearts, and the essence of dogs in these poems. Warning – they will definitely make your heart melt!


A Dogs Soul – Author Unknown


Every dog must have a soul

Somewhere deep inside

Where all his hurts and grievances

Are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad,

The wrong way from the right,

And where his judgement carefully

Is hidden from our sight.

A dog must have a secret place

Where every thought abides,

A sort of close acquaintance that

He trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for

Himself, He cannot speak,

Rebuked, He finds within his soul

The comfort he must seek.

He’ll love, tho’he is unloved,

And he’ll serve tho’badly used,

And one kind word will wipe away

The times when he’s abused.

Altho’ his heart may break in two

His love will still be whole,

Because God gave to every dog

An understanding Soul!



Mongrel Heart – David Baker


Up the dog bounds to the window, baying

like a basset his doleful, tearing sounds

from the belly, as if mourning a dead king,


and now he’s howling like a beagle – yips, brays,

gagging growls – and scratching the sill paintless,

that’s how much he’s missed you, the two of you,


both of you, mother and daughter, my wife

and child. All week he’s curled at my feet,

warming himself and me watching more TV,


or wandered the lonely rooms, my dog shadow,

who like a poodle now hops, amped-up windup

maniac yo-yo with matted curls and snot nose


smearing the panes, having heard another car

like yours taking its grinding turn down

our block, or a school bus, or bird-squawk,


that’s how much he’s missed you, good dog,

companion dog, dog-of-all-types, most excellent dog

I told you once and for all we should never get.


Walking the Dog – Howard Nemerov


Two universes mosey down the street

Connected by love and a leash and nothing else.

Mostly I look at lamplight through the leaves

While he mooches along with tail up and snout down,

Getting a secret knowledge through the nose

Almost entirely hidden from my sight.


We stand while he’s enraptured by a bush

Till I can’t stand our standing any more

And haul him off; for our relationship

Is patience balancing to this side tug

And that side drag; a pair of symbionts

Contented not to think each other’s thoughts.


What else we have in common’s what he taught,

Our interest in  sh**. We know its every state

From steaming fresh through stink to nature’s way

Of sluicing it downstreet dissolved in rain

Or drying it to dust that blows away.

We move along the street inspecting sh**.


His sense of it is keener far than mine,

And only when he finds the place precise

He signifies by sniffing urgently

And circles thrice about, and squats, and  sh***s,

Whereon we both with dignity walk home

And just to show who’s master I write the poem.



Verse For A Certain Dog  – Dorothy Parker


Such glorious faith as fills your limpid eyes,

Dear little friend of mine, I never knew.

All-innocent are you, and yet all-wise.

(For Heaven’s sake, stop worrying that shoe!)

You look about, and all you see is fair;

This mighty globe was made for you alone.

Of all the thunderous ages, you’re the heir.

(Get off the pillow with that dirty bone!)


A skeptic world you face with steady gaze;

High in young pride you hold your noble head,

Gayly you meet the rush of roaring days.

(Must you eat puppy biscuit on the bed?)

Lancelike your courage, gleaming swift and strong,

Yours the white rapture of a winged soul,

Yours is a spirit like a Mayday song.

(God help you, if you break the goldfish bowl!)


“Whatever is, is good” – your gracious creed.

You wear your joy of living like a crown.

Love lights your simplest act, your every deed.

(Drop it, I tell you- put that kitten down!)

You are God’s kindliest gift of all – a friend.

Your shining loyalty unflecked by doubt,

You ask but leave to follow to the end.

(Couldn’t you wait until I took you out?)




Happy Dog – Flying Lemming

Smiling Dog. Source - photo8

I’m a happy dog at the beach

If I had the power of speech

I would tell you all

To throw my ball

I’m a happy dog at the beach


I’m a happy dog at the beach

There are no new tricks you can teach

I’m bouncy and glad

And my tail wags like mad

I’m a happy dog at the beach


I’m a happy dog at the beach

My joy is always in reach

Whatever the talk

It’s the best place to walk

I’m a happy dog at the beach


I’m a happy dog at the beach

As I hear the seagulls screech

I chase and I bark

Long into the dark

I’m a happy dog at the beach


I’m a happy dog at the beach

And I don’t want to start to preach

But if you ask me

The best thing to see

Is a happy dog at the beach



Have you ever written a poem about your dog? We’d love to read it in the comments. Or perhaps there’s another doggy poem you love, share it below!

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