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15 Dogs Who Unapologetically Delight In Embarrassing Their Owners


As much you love your dog, and you train them well, they can still find ways to embarrass you in public. Whether its eating other dogs poop to stealing things from strangers, we’ve found 17 dogs who unapologetically delight in embarrassing their owners:


1. The dog who thinks its the fashion-police

1. Peed on lady's purse


2. The thieving dog who doesnt discriminate

“My dog picked up a beggar’s hat off the ground, right in front of him, with all the coins in and walked off with it like it was totally natural.”


3. The dog wholl eat anything

2. Ate neighbours vomit


4. The bra-eating dog

“I had a Greyhound and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who ate the nipples out of every bra she got her hands on.”


5. The sandwich snatcher

3. Sandwich snatcher


6. The poop obsessed pup

“We stopped going to the dog park because my coonhound/weim mix follows other dogs around to eat their poop as soon as they go. The owner would go over to clean up after their dog but Murph just would not let them pick it up. It was too embarrassing to be the one with the poop obsessed dog.”


7. The dog who thinks its boss

4. Dog who thinks its boss


8. The dog tipper

“Someone brought a shelter dog they had just adopted to the dog park. This dog had 3 legs. Everyone was in love. My dog promptly tipped him over and humped him.”


9. The office helper

5. The office helper


10. The dog who just loves sticks

“When my dog was about 8 months old, we took her to a street festival. She was well socialized, but we wanted to give her more exposure to crowds, clapping and the like. As we were walking across the street, my pup starts leaping forward and bouncing. I look down and what is she doing? Trying to steal the cane from a blind man.”


11. The dog who steals from babies

6. Dog Who Steals From Babies


12. The cat burglar

“the worst was when she stole cat toys from Petco. Thief.”


13. The perfect guest

7. The perfect guest


14. The dog with a blockage

“Had to x-ray my blocked up dog once. Tampons.”


15. The dog who likes to lick

8. Dog who likes to lick


Tell us in the comments, what’s the most embarrassing thing your dog has done to you in public?


p.s – We would like to thank to the reddit users who shared their embarrassing stories on this thread, and to the users who shared their brilliant stories on



Contributor – Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith Social Media