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Dogs Decoded By PBS


We love a good dog documentary here at Off The Leash. Here is PBS’s Dogs Decoded where they look at the relationship between Man and Dog

How smart are dogs, and what makes them such ideal companions?


Dogs Decoded

Dogs Decoded
Nova / PBS


“Dogs Decoded” reveals the science behind the remarkable bond between humans and their dogs and investigates new discoveries in genetics that are illuminating the origin of dogs—with surprising implications for the evolution of human culture.


Dogs Decoded

Dogs Decoded
NOVA / pbs


Other research is proving what dog lovers have suspected all along: Dogs have an uncanny ability to read and respond to human emotions. Humans, in turn, respond to dogs with the same hormone responsible for bonding mothers to their babies. How did this incredible relationship between humans and dogs come to be? And how can dogs, so closely related to fearsome wild wolves, behave so differently?



Dogs Decoded
Produced and Directed by Dan Child

DVD Available on Amazon