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10 Amazing Ways To Remember Your Deceased Dog

  No matter how long your dog is a part of your family, when they pass away it’s utterly heartbreaking. You’ve not just lost your canine companion, but a member or your family who adored and loved you unconditionally, and you them.   There isn’t an antidote to the grief and healing process, but something that many owners have found helpful is finding a way to honour and remember their pet, in a way that represents that special bond.   To help you find the right idea for you, here are 1...

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5 Poems About Dogs That Will Make Your Heart Melt

    Sometimes its hard to put into words how we feel about our pets, and we have to rely on the words of other’s to capture their spirit, fun and zest for life. And these 5 poets have managed to do just that – capturing our hearts, and the essence of dogs in these poems. Warning – they will definitely make your heart melt! ________________________________________________________________________________ A Dogs Soul – Author Unknown   Every dog must have a soul Somewher...

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15 Dogs Who Unapologetically Delight In Embarrassing Their Owners

  As much you love your dog, and you train them well, they can still find ways to embarrass you in public. Whether its eating other dogs poop to stealing things from strangers, we’ve found 17 dogs who unapologetically delight in embarrassing their owners:   1. The dog who thinks it’s the fashion-police   2. The thieving dog who doesn’t discriminate “My dog picked up a beggar’s hat off the ground, right in front of him, with all the coins in and walked off with it like it was...

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This 7 Year Homecoming Of Lost Dog ‘Lola’  –  Will Have You Hugging Your Dog A Little Harder

    When Julie’s puppy Lola went missing after digging a hole under the garden fence, her worst fears were realised. Despite doing everything a loving pet owner would do when a dog goes missing – putting up notices, knocking on doors, notifying local vets and searching the local area – Julie and her family gave up hope of ever finding their beloved Boston terrier pup and just hoped that someone had found her and given her a good home.   So when they got a call out of t...

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