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In Dogs We Trust – A closer look at our four legged ‘best’ friends (BBC Scotland)

That’s the question blind BBC Scotland reporter, and guide dog user, Ian Hamilton seeks to answer in the investigation In Dogs We Trust?

In dogs we trust By Ian Hamilton BBC Scotland

In Dogs We Trust by Ian Hamilton
BBC Scotland

Most dog owners, who love their pets, have some kind of story about how the animal knows when they are about to come home, or are thinking of them. But just how remarkable are they? In Ian Hamilton’s documentary “In Dogs We Trust?”, Ian discovered that dogs are capable of so much more than we humans could ever imagine.

For example, would you trust your dog to save you or your family’s health or even life, on a daily basis?

Well, for one mother, Serena, that is exactly what she does every day when she trusts the family pet Molly to let her know when her 10-year-old son Steven is about to have a diabetic hypo.

Steven & Molly

Steven & Molly
In Dogs We Trust – BBC Scotland

During the programme, Ian met Lynn Ratcliff, who 14 years ago was diagnosed with epilepsy. Dougle is a seizure alert dog who warns Lynn Ratcliff in advance of any attacks

Dougle Seizure Alert Dog

Dougle Seizure Alert Dog
In Dogs We Trust – BBC Scotland

This is a clip from In Dogs We Trust

Broadcast on BBC1 Scotland at 19:30 on Monday 17 December 2014

Reprinted by permission of BBC Scotland