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Bella kissing Mommy

Bella kissing Mommy

We rescued Bella from the Humane Society Shelter (actually she was being fostered so she wasn’t at the shelter long) on December 3, 2014. She is a precious girl and took to us right away. We fell in love INSTANTLY!
We lost our precious Gracie on April 4, 2012 and weren’t sure we’d ever have another dog! We got her on Oct 19, 2000, as a rescue as well and had her 12 years. We think she was about 14 when we had to put her to sleep for heart and kidney problems. It broke our hearts!!! Bella will never take Gracie’s place in our hearts but Bella is our future. Both our precious girls were given to us by the Lord and are (were) very loved! Thank You, Jesus, for our precious Girls. Both say thank You, Jesus for our FUREVER homes!