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This 7 Year Homecoming Of Lost Dog ‘Lola’ – Will Have You Hugging Your Dog A Little Harder





When Julie’s puppy Lola went missing after digging a hole under the garden fence, her worst fears were realised. Despite doing everything a loving pet owner would do when a dog goes missing – putting up notices, knocking on doors, notifying local vets and searching the local area – Julie and her family gave up hope of ever finding their beloved Boston terrier pup and just hoped that someone had found her and given her a good home.


So when they got a call out of the blue 7 years later from dog lover Linda, saying that their dog Lola had been found and the microchip scan had given their address and telephone number, they couldn’t believe that Lola was alive, healthy and happy and on her way back to them!


Lola had been living with someone who’d taken her in for 7 years, but the person had put her on US local listings website Craigslist saying she was giving her away for free. That’s when Linda took her in and went to the vet to see if she had a microchip and her original owner’s details.


This reunion is a wonderful reminder that lost pets can be returned home, even after many years apart! And, that microchipping your pet gives you a much greater chance of being reunited.


Hug your dog a little harder as you watch Lola’s reunion with Julie and her daughter:



It’s always worth remembering to update your address and telephone number with the microchipping company or vet of a pet, even if they go missing – you never know when that information could bring your dog home.


Contributor – Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith Social Media