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Heartwarming photos of rescue pets before and after finding a new home


Pictures that are guaranteed to make you smile: Heartwarming photos of rescue pets before and after finding a new home

  • Rescue dog owners have posted heartwarming before/ after snaps online
  • Heartbreakingly sad faces are transformed within days of being re-homed
  • The aim is to show just how happy a loving home makes a rescue animal


Proud pet owners from across the globe are sharing their touching photos of rescue pets before and after adoption. From abandoned Jack Russells to poorly Pit Bulls, their heart-breakingly sad faces are transformed within days to smiles of delight thanks to being re-homed. And the thread on Reddit, called Before N After Adoption, now has hundreds of posts from owners keen to push the pros of adopting abandoned animals. 

Here are a few wonderful stories and photo’s

What a difference one day can make.

Meet Spokey!

Spokey Labrador Mix

Spokey owned by Reddit user goldie0702

This Reddit user shared a photo of his Labrador hound mix rescue dog named Spokey, whom he adopted from the SPCA.

Pet owner who goes by the name goldie0702 on Reddit, shared a pair of images showcasing the remarkable change in his Labrador hound mix in just one day – from the moment they met to 24 hours later at his new home. When he came to visit the dog, named Spokey, at a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals centre (SPCA) in the American state of West Virginia, the animal is shy and turns away. But in a picture taken just one day later, the animal is seen looking remarkably different, leisurely lying on his owner’s bed.


Meet Bulldog, Pillow!

Pillow The Bulldog

Pillow owned by Reddit user Gniwa

This is Pillow the bulldog. His owner, Reddit user Gniwa, visited him on numerous occasions until his parents gave him the permission to adopt him

At another American rescue centre, Pillow the Pit bull faced a bleak future in an animal shelter while suffering from a tumour in his leg. Families would often visit him and take him out to play, but they never committed to adopting him, until one day he was eventually re-homed by Reddit user Gniwa. And days before he was due to come home, an organisation which helps shelter dogs put forward the cash for Pillow’s tumour removal surgery. Gniwa has since shared their heart-warming pictures and story online. He said:

“I always wanted a second dog… One random day I was on Facebook and I noticed that my local animal shelter posted some available dogs on their website – there he was looking extremely handsome. Just looking at Pillow napping on his bed next to me as I type this reinforces that I made the correct decision. I am extremely lucky to have been able to find him and will look forward to the future.”


Meet Jack Russell Chex

Jack Russell named Chex

Jack Russell named Chex

Chex was found sleeping in a hole in the yard where his owners used to live. They had moved house but left him behind. He is pictured left, when he was found, and right, on his first day at his new home

Another thread told the story of a little Jack Russell named Chex.

The pup was found sleeping in a hole that he had dug out in an abandoned garden by a neighbouring couple. They said his owners had moved house but left little Chex behind to fend for himself. He was soon re-homed and is pictured (above, right) looking instantly happy – although still very thin – on his first day in his new adoptive home. Chex now loves generous portions of food, spending time with his new family, taking trips to the dog park and being held and cuddled.

His owner, Reddit user Ochala, said:

“He’s always either in my or my husband’s lap, and he loves to sleep next to me in bed. Chex has been with us for over two years now and is happy and healthy!”

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