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3 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Get A Date


Most dog owners will testify to the fact that they’re the sociable type and that having a dog makes them even more chatty and open to meeting new people. They’re willing to chat to other dog walkers and hang out with almost-strangers at the park whilst their dogs are playing, sniffing each other and bounding around.

Which is exactly why your dog can help you land a date!  So, if you’re looking for love (or just a new human-shaped companion) then take these 3 tips on board:


Credit: Droid Gingerbread - Flickr

Credit: Droid Gingerbread – Flickr

3 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Get A Date


1. Head to the park!


It’s no surprise that many dog owners meet their beloveds whilst out walking their pets in the park, or have landed a date just because their pooch attracted a lot of attention! A recent survey by Dognition showed that 82% of people feel more confident approaching someone they find attractive when they have a dog with them. So if you’re looking for love, head to the local park and start chatting to other dog owners.


2. Choose your breed wisely*


If you want to give yourself the best opportunity of securing a date and you’re looking to become the owner of a dog, you might want to consider the breed you choose. Why? Because a survey of 1000 pet owners, aged 18-34, both gay and straight which was run by shows that certain breeds are more attractive to the opposite sex. To attract a woman, the top dog to have is a German Shepherd, whilst if you’re trying to attract a new man into your life, you’re better off with a Golden Retriever.


Top 5 Dog Breeds That Attract Men:

  1. Golden Retrievers
  2. Labrador Retrievers
  3. Chihuahuas
  4. Poodles
  5. Beagles


Top 5 Dog Breeds That Attract Women:

  1. German Shepherds
  2. Golden Retrievers
  3. Labrador Retrievers
  4. Siberian Huskies
  5. French Bulldogs


*Obviously we think all dog breeds are brilliant, and wouldn’t encourage you to go out and get a dog just based on it’s ability to help you get a date!


3. Join a specialist dating website


Credit: Jareed on Flickr

Credit: Jareed on Flickr


Can you believe it? There are now dating sites to help you find a date, and to help your dog find one too! Specialist websites like and match profiles up based on location, your dog’s breed and compatibility and help you find your dog a playmate or find someone to keep you company whilst you walk your dog.


There’s even a feature on popular dog sitting site DoggyBNB called Sniffer, which allows you to find a playmate for your pooch based on location, weight and the gender of dog. It works like popular dating app Tinder – where you swipe through profiles until you find a dog you like and set up a date.


Even though most people join to just find their dog a playmate, the sites have naturally evolved as they’ve found that the owners are hooking up and becoming partners too. As the saying goes “love me, love my dog!”


Has your dog ever helped you land a date? Share your stories with us below!


Contributor – Jen Smith /

Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith
Jen Smith Social Media


Photo Credit

Kissing retrievers by Droid Gingerbread on Flickr

Couple with dogs by Jareed on Flickr