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11 Dogs who think they’re cats


Have you ever come across your dog acting a little strange and behaving more like a cat? Well, so have these owners!

Here are 11 dogs who are convinced they’re a cat:

1. This photo was captured by a dog walker who often sees this dog sticking its head out of the cat flap at the pub it lives at as he walks past. The photographer says It must know what its doing. It looks a bit risky to me!

Dog & Cat Flap

Credit :mrMark: on Flickr


2. Here we see a sleepy dog who is blissfully unaware how disgruntled his feline companion is that he’s chosen to cuddle up together. It’s called a catnap for a reason right?

Cat Cuddles

Credit Reader Of The Pack on Flickr


3. This cute puppy obviously thinks its fuss time for all…(much to the cat’s disgust!)

Dog Lap Hogging

Credit Joanna Appleby on Flickr


4. Meet Mike a Maggie, two patient felines waiting to be let in for food. Owner Lori says theyre home from their incredible journey (to the front yard and back to the food source!)

Mike & Maggie

Credit Lori on Flickr


5. Who says boxes are only good for catching cats? Not Charlie.

Dog in a Box

Credit Cavin on Flickr


6. We think this dog missed the memo that cats and dogs are meant to be sworn enemies. Jeffrey, their owner has captured them hanging out together, nuzzling and what looks like grooming each other. We think this pooch has got a case of mistaken identity.

Best Pals

Credit JeffreyW on Flickr


7. Luna has found the best cat disguise is by association, and spends most of the time using Simba for camouflage.


Credit Eli Duke on Flickr


8. Firefighters got a bit of a shock when they were called out to rescue Bella from a tree last March, and found not a cat, but a pooch caught in the branches. Luckily for Bella, she was safely retrieved by her confused rescuers

Bella in tree

Credit LifeWithDogs


9. Meet Tally, a bit of an internet celebrity. This husky pup was raised amongst cats and has adopted some very feline mannerisms, including sitting just like a cat and tucking her paws under her.


Credit Lifebuzz


10. The owner of this dog posted this photo on an online image site with the tagline “my cat thinks its a dog”. Apparently it thinks the window ledge is the perfect size for a feline to watch over its territory.

windowsill dog

Credit Imgur


11. And finally we come to a pooch who’s mistaken the cat scratching post for a lookout tower – that or he thinks he’s a cat.

Cat Perch



Have you ever caught your dog behaving like a cat? Let us know in the comments! 


Contributor – Jen Smith /

Jen Smith Social Media

Jen Smith
Jen Smith Social Media