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    Off The Leash

    Ian Buchanan

    For the wet food component of my dog’s diet, I now feed only Lily’s Kitchen can foods. I have tried most of the other supposed good brands over the year with mixed results, often with problems with flatulence and loose ‘output’, but with this real meat and organic vegetable product with no additives other than some natural herbs her digestion is regular and her ‘output\ healthy at all times. She also relishes it always. It’s very much more expensive than the others but I’ll not not change back!


    Diane Geggis

    I use the guidelines in Whole Dog Journal publication to identify quality foods.
    Marketers are wily and will use terms like natural to trick us into buying their product. You have to read the ingredients and understand what the terms mean.
    I prefer to make my dogs food. That way I know what goes in. See my post on Raw feeding.


    Becky Smith

    I feed Arden Grange, I would say it is one of the best completes on the market and one my dogs have never grown weary of. They love it and do very well on it.



    I am a dog lover.I picked up a street puppy dog.Unfortunately I could not grow continuously.because of shifting home.


    Richard Handsonn

    I provide food to my dog with different meal which make a complete package of protein, vitamin and provides a lot of energy and also boosts his stamina. There are some of the dry foods which I usually prefer to give my dog like wellness core, taste of  the wild and also sometime the duck meal and turkey meal too. These are some of the brand foods which I prefer to give my dog. As, these products provides great amount of protein. So, you can also try giving such dry meal to your dog. Reference:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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