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Which Dog Breeds Are Good For Children?

Home Forums Dog Lovers Forum Dog Breeds Which Dog Breeds Are Good For Children?

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    Off The Leash

    Steve Connelly

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers. My two are amazingly gentle and tolerant of children. Even the Kennel Club recommends them. Wonderful dogs.


    Lynsey Hughes

    I’m biased but I’d definitely go with a staffie. I’m studying at the moment and staffies rate the highest as family pets. As with all dogs, they’ll need clear boundaries and appropriate training. Which ever you choose always try to encourage the children to train the dog too as this teaches the dog and the child about mutual respect and leads to happy and well adjusted pooch :-)


    Off The Leash

    Sounds like a great Staffie you’ve got. I too have heard they are great with children,


    Becky Smith

    I would suggest that maybe the question is what children are good for dogs! No one breed can be classed as ‘good for children’ as there will always be some individuals within any breed that may not appreciate a child. Children should be taught how to behave around dogs and dogs should not be expected to put up with any behaviour which may be intolerable for the dog such as pulling ears, poking, grabbing tails etc etc.



    Yes my last 2 rescues have had the Staffie gene in them and their love of all the children we meet is apparent, however I would never be so confident as to drop my guard as you never know what a child might do, but this applies to all breeds not just the staffie/staffie crosses.


    Diane Geggis

    I agree with Becky. Each dog as an individual can like or dislike children.
    Most puppies are not fearful of children, but learn to be so. It is important to find out the past experience of the dog you are thinking about adopting and then make sure that going forward you teach not only the dog but any children that will interact with him/her the proper way to engage with it.

    There are videos and books on reading a dogs body language. I think that anyone who has children should absorb that information. Too many times the dog is communicating that there is an issue, but the people don’t understand. That is when children get hurt.



    Whatever the question my answer is usually ‘Labrador’! But then I’m biased.


    Off The Leash


    Pip Miles

    Agree with the Staffies aka Nanny Dogs :o) But Im biased and would say BOXER they are amazing with kids very protective of them in fact they would probably throw themselves under a bus to protect kids :o)


    Mary Bull

    I entirely agree with Becky, it is more about the relationship between dogs and whoever is around them, not just the children, as it is after all the adults who should be teaching them how to behave. Most breeds can be good with children, depending on their upbringing.
    I have been around dogs most of my life, worked in grooming kennelling and rescue, my sympathies are with the dogs, some children I have to say should be given a nice toy dog and not allowed near a live dog till they have learnt some basic rules. My children grew up knowing that there was one place the dogs could choose to go and be left alone, and if they ever broke that rule and were bitten, they would be in trouble not the dog.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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