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Dog Raincoat Off The Leash Dog Cartoons

  “If we want to understand the life of any animal, we need to know what things are meaningful to it.” In Anna Karenina, Tolstoy’s Levin observes his dog Laska one evening — “she opened her mouth a little, smacked her lips, and settling her sticky lips more comfortably about her old teeth, she sank into blissful repose” — and finds in her behavior a “token of all now being well and satisfactory,” mirroring the “blissful repose” he so desires in his own life. Our tendency to anthropomo...

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Under Water Puppies by Seth Casteel

New York Times best-selling author Seth Casteel is back with a second photography book full of our doggy paddling pals, but this time the stars are miniature. Underwater Puppies, a successor to his 2012 book Underwater Dogs, is the product of swimming lessons Casteel says he gave to more than 1,500 pups. Although dogs are instinctive swimmers, he writes on his website that since swimming pools are not natural bodies of water, it’s important that the dogs are taught taught how to get safely...

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Autistic Boy and His Dog - Off The Leash Dog Cartoons

What happens to the dogs who are trained but don’t quite make it as fully-fledged guide dogs? The answer is that they are given a “career change” and could become a sniffer dog, an assistance dog for physically disabled people or be re-homed as a pet. But a newer service from Guide Dogs repurposes specially chosen ones as “buddy dogs” to help blind and partially sighted children who would benefit from having a well trained dog. “Lucy was life-changing from the...

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