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Pillow The Bulldog

  Pictures that are guaranteed to make you smile: Heartwarming photos of rescue pets before and after finding a new home Rescue dog owners have posted heartwarming before/ after snaps online Heartbreakingly sad faces are transformed within days of being re-homed The aim is to show just how happy a loving home makes a rescue animal   Proud pet owners from across the globe are sharing their touching photos of rescue pets before and after adoption. From abandoned Jack Russells to poorly P...

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11 Dogs who think they’re cats

  Have you ever come across your dog acting a little strange and behaving more like a cat? Well, so have these owners! Here are 11 dogs who are convinced they’re a cat: 1. This photo was captured by a dog walker who often sees this dog sticking its head out of the cat flap at the pub it lives at as he walks past. The photographer says “It must know what its doing. It looks a bit risky to me!” Credit :mrMark: on Flickr   2. Here we see a sleepy dog who is blissfully unaware how disgrunt...

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My son is terrified of dogs!

My son is terrified of dogs! Which children’s books will help? (The Guardian Book Doctor) From Hairy Mclary to Spot, children’s books are full of irresistible canines, Julia Eccleshare sniffs out the best books on dogs to help a boy get over his dog fears   “My son is terrified of dogs. All real dogs – even those whose owners say they are friendly – act in very unpredictable ways which surprise and upset him. Are there any irresistible dogs in picture books? Dogs on the page hav...

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Bubbles & Bella

  Dogs have always been a man’s best friend, but what about when a dog befriends another species of the animal kingdom? Well, it can happen and more times than you’d think! We’ve collected some very odd and unusual pairings between dogs and other animals – from the dog who takes a swim with his friend the dolphin, to real life fox and the hound.   Bubbles and Bella – Elephant and Dog These two companions hit the headlines back in 2013 when they were filmed frolicking at the...

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