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19 Funny and Heartwarming Dog Quotes That Are So True It Hurts

    Here’s the thing about our relationships with our dogs: it can be hard to put into words the highs, the lows and the unconditional love and bond between dog and owner. Dogs bring us a whole range of emotions and memories – from joy, happiness and fun to frustration and annoyance (especially when you catch your pup drinking out of the toilet again!).   Often, our canine companions inspire us to live our lives with more silliness, pleasure and fun and forget the trials an...

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10 Heartwarming Dog Stories From History

  There have been dogs throughout history that have fought in wars and crossed continents, been explorers and shown bravery that would be impressive if it had been demonstrated by a human hero. These exceptional canines are guaranteed to melt the heart of even the staunchest cat lover. 10 | Swansea Jack Swansea Jack (1930 – October 1937) was a famous dog whose name lives on in the nickname given to natives of Swansea, Wales.

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Canine Comfort: Do Dogs Know When You’re Sad?

A good read from Live Science – by Stephanie Pappas Plenty of dog owners are comforted by a pair of puppy-dog eyes or a swipe of the tongue when their dog catches them crying. Now, new research suggests that dogs really do respond uniquely to tears. But whether pets have empathy for human pain is less clear. In a study published online May 30, 2012 in the journal Animal Cognition, University of London researchers found that dogs were more likely to approach a crying person than someone who...

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How to House-Train a Puppy

How to potty train puppy in a good way? We all know that puppy is a kind of hyperactive animal, and sometimes they have a bad habit that make us feel annoyed, including pooping and peeing anywhere. Of course it would be a big problem for us, because we need to clean it all. Especially, when they do it inside our house. It is not easy to clean it, and it also takes a long time to clean it. so it is better to prevent it than to clean it all.

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