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Keep those Canines Cool

  Tips from Rose, the Irish Setter and Kate, the English Springer Spaniel   By Rose Hill and Kate Power   Hot Car Okay you know never to leave your four-legged companion in the car even if the windows are cracked. Right? So I don’t hafta tell you that. It gets really, really hot, really, really fast in a car. Think of it as a solar oven. The metal heats up and the glass doesn’t let the heat escape. The inside of a car can reach 120 degrees in 20 minutes when the temper...

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19 Dogs Who’ve Mastered The Art of Puppy Eyes

  Can’t resist it when your dog turns on those puppy dog eyes? Well, now you don’t have to beat yourself up for giving into your pet, as a recent scientific study in Japan has proved that when owner’s look into the eyes of their dogs it causes a spike in a hormone called Oxytocin in both parties – a hormone which helps create a bond between parent and child. So, it could also be the reason why you refer yourself to ‘Mum’or ‘Dad’around the dog and why just staring into your pet’s eyes ...

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5 Assistance Dogs Changing The Lives of Kids With Autism

    April was Autism Awareness Month and so today we look to the dogs who are changing the lives of children with Autism. Autism is a condition which can affect communication, social interaction, behaviour and interests and includes Asperger syndrome.   Many children and adults with Autism have found immense value and support from the help of a canine friend. And it’s not just the benefit of having a constant companion which has a huge effect of the lives of children with autism, ...

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13 Crazy Myths about Dogs (and which are true!)

   1. German Shepherds must only be trained in German, because they don’t understand English as well.     FALSE Yes we’ve heard this one with our very own ears but there’s no need to get your phrase book out just yet…   2. Dogs will do anything to dominate you.   FALSE. Dogs just want to have their needs met and will try to figure out the best way to do that. They want a “leader” much like a small child wants a parent, but just like a small child,...

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