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Dog Hacks: 20 Owners Share 1 Tip To Make Your Life Easier

  When we came across this brilliant feed on Reddit of dog owner’s sharing simple hacks to make their lives easier, we knew we’d met kindred spirits and we just HAD to share their gems with you. So here are 20 Dog Hacks to make yours (and your dog’s!) life easier:   1. Thrifty Fun “If your dog destroys pillows and stuffed dog beds, instead of buying new one go to the thrift store and buy an old comforter. The dog can wrestle and nudge and burrow into it, and all you have to do is refold it ...

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This Photographer Takes Photos of Dogs Mid Drool-Shake and It’s Brilliant

  Meet Carli Davidson, an American photographer who’s captured the hearts of dog owners around the world by capturing a freeze-frame over 120 dogs mid-shake. Inspired by her own dog Norbert, a mastiff who’s drool frequently has to clean of the walls post-shake, Carli decided to capture the moment in slow motion   The result? A brilliant collection of images of ears flapping, jowls swooshing and eyes popping as these canines rid themselves of water or just enjoy a good shake. It’s a mom...

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Have a Fun and Safe Vacation with Your Canine Companions

  By Rose, the Irish Setter and Kate, the English Springer Spaniel   It’s vacation time! I’m Kate the English springer spaniel. Rose, my Irish setter sister, and me, have come up with some tips and tricks on travelling with your dogs. I guess I should say travelling with your pets, but I dunno about cats travelling or birds or guinea pigs. I mean I’m not even sure what a cat is. Guinea pigs are treats with fur. My little two-legged companion, Payton, that comes to vis...

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Keep those Canines Cool

  Tips from Rose, the Irish Setter and Kate, the English Springer Spaniel   By Rose Hill and Kate Power   Hot Car Okay you know never to leave your four-legged companion in the car even if the windows are cracked. Right? So I don’t hafta tell you that. It gets really, really hot, really, really fast in a car. Think of it as a solar oven. The metal heats up and the glass doesn’t let the heat escape. The inside of a car can reach 120 degrees in 20 minutes when the temper...

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