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3 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Get A Date

  Most dog owners will testify to the fact that they’re the sociable type and that having a dog makes them even more chatty and open to meeting new people. They’re willing to chat to other dog walkers and hang out with almost-strangers at the park whilst their dogs are playing, sniffing each other and bounding around. Which is exactly why your dog can help you land a date!  So, if you’re looking for love (or just a new human-shaped companion) then take these 3 tips on board:  

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11 Dogs who think they’re cats

  Have you ever come across your dog acting a little strange and behaving more like a cat? Well, so have these owners! Here are 11 dogs who are convinced they’re a cat: 1. This photo was captured by a dog walker who often sees this dog sticking its head out of the cat flap at the pub it lives at as he walks past. The photographer says “It must know what its doing. It looks a bit risky to me!” Credit :mrMark: on Flickr   2. Here we see a sleepy dog who is blissfully unaware how disgrunt...

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Bubbles & Bella

  Dogs have always been a man’s best friend, but what about when a dog befriends another species of the animal kingdom? Well, it can happen and more times than you’d think! We’ve collected some very odd and unusual pairings between dogs and other animals – from the dog who takes a swim with his friend the dolphin, to real life fox and the hound.   Bubbles and Bella – Elephant and Dog These two companions hit the headlines back in 2013 when they were filmed frolicking at the...

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Baboon / Pixabay

  1)     Bed time circling isn’t just for fun Does your dog go a little crazy just before bed, running around in circles before settling down? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not ‘just for fun’or that he or she is letting off steam before sleep – it’s actually a ritual that goes back thousands of years, where a dog would make a small nest for themselves by stomping down the grass. This would also leave a scent marking to ward off other dogs that this was their territory. And, if your...

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